Update 17/03/2022

Small update, and a response to the 5.0.9 patch by Blizzard


  • Removed Adaptive Claws change (Patch 5.0.9)
    • The changes in StarLance were super similar to Blizzard’s changes (almost the exact same values), so I believe it’s better to remove the custom changes and just keep in sync with the new patch that solves the same issue

Dark Templar

  • Shadow Stride
    • No longer consumes shields (Patch 5.0.9 adds an attack delay after blinking)
      • Consuming all Dark Templar shields was implemented so that Dark Templars were weaker after blinking, and the patch made this change redundant

Shield Battery


  • Cost from 100/100 to 75/75


  • Resonating Glaives
    • Removed 50% attack speed increase
    • Now Adept attacks bounce once to a nearby target, dealing 50% damage


  • Fixed description for Force Field and Time Warp

Nydus Worm

  • Removed all changes (back to LotV)
    • Cost from 150/0 to 75/75
    • No longer requires Creep to spawn

Nydus Destroyer

  • Now spawns creep

Brood Lord

  • Speed from 1.4062 to 1.25
    • Now gets Metanoic Carapace upgrade, just like the Corruptor


  • Some tooltips and upgrade descriptions have been improved
  • Fixed missing changelog of Force Field in the website, now it shows that it costs 25 Energy